"Silencio is a music project dedicated to ambient and electro-acoustic music, exploring themes such as absence, memory, distance and sleep. Silencio is Julien Demoulin accompanied by one or several of: Nicolas Lecocq, Bernold Delgoda and Lénina Epstein. They released three albums on different labels (Grand Téton, Carte Postale Records and Music Made By People) before joining three:four records with When I'm Gone. Mainly written by Julien Demoulin and Nicolas Lecocq, these tracks were recorded in 2011 at the Bacchus Foundation, with orchestrations from Bernold Delgoda. The cold and dark beauty of the record also shows through the cover, depicting mountains from the Alemannic Alps." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2011| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 12.57

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