"Silent Vigils is the work of Stijn Hu¨wels and James Murray. James Murray will be well known to many fans of the label and the ambient scene alike for his highly celebrated works, as well the Slowcraft label which he curates. Stijn Hu¨wels is the curator of the Slaapwel label, and his work with James as Silent Vigils marks the first in a series of collaborations he will be releasing over the next year on Home Normal. I've been a fan of Stijn's understated and organic ambient works for a while now and I'm so glad we finally get to be releasing the first of a number of new projects by him finally. And then of course there is James Murray. To be in close quarters with someone so talented is quite something, with his ability to create carefully constructed ambient music in a variety of tones and types, where others typically work within one strict field. Their work as Silent Vigils is so delicate, slow-burning and powerful in spirit, that the very name they use for this project is just so fitting. The word 'vigil' naturally leads to a concept of reflection and one of being quietly awake and on 'watch' during the night. The music reflects this idea so perfectly, with its quietude, patience, and a feeling of nocturnal devotion. Such ambiguous terms could be used for almost any ambient works of course, but few records leave me with such a powerful sense of deep spiritual awareness and contemplative unknowing." (Ian Hawgood) comes in four panel recycled card package
in stock | UK| 2018| HOME NORMAL | 13.90

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