"'Hydrostatic' was commissioned by the McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA in November 2011, and presented as a multi-channel performance. Simon Whetham spent more than a week exploring the site, capturing the sounds of the space, the vibrations of the buildings, the spirit of the community and perhaps the echoes of past activity... Over the past eight years Simon Whetham has developed a practice of working with sound recordings as a raw material for composition. These are often environmental sounds he has captured employing a variety of methods and techniques, in order to obtain discreet or obscured sonic phenomena. In removing sound from it's source, sometimes amplifying it significantly, it becomes abstract - familiar yet otherworldly. More recently, when presenting work in a performance or installation, for him the space and the objects within become instruments to be played. Simon has a large number of works published through many specialist organisations, including Touch Music, Cronica, Monochrome Vision and Entr'acte." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| AUF ABWEGEN | 13.90

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