"The Sandokai ('The Harmony of Difference and Equality') is a prayer written by the eighth century Japanese Zen teacher Sekito Kisen. The basis for this piece was a tape given to Wickham-Smith by a nun of a recital at her monastery. He wanted to create of this sample a prayer without borders, a follow-up to an earlier work, 'Ave Regina Caelorum' (2000, released on Extreme Bukake), in which he used the Latin plainsong of a prayer to the Virgin Mary in much the same way. The organ sample at the end is from a piece by Erik Satie, whose spirituality was equally strange and eclectic. All the samples have been stretched and pitch-shifted beyond (immediate) recognition; to the ears they have melded into something that seems at once both ethereal and solid. The result is a strange melée of feelings, repetitions and textures." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| m-/m-| POGUS | 8.00

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