"As you probably know, Mr Wickham-Smith is a truly unique voice and 'Two4Dancin' sees him at his most profoundly grand... a double album released simultaneously on a single CD. No, I'm not joking! Damn near exploding at the seams with wonderfully resonant contradictions, it's exquisite textures are capable of blissfully enveloping daily life AND driving your neighbours completely batty. Massive Attack meets Steve Reich? A slave to an infinite, block-rockin' beat which melts into deep transparency revealing a subterranean omniverse of casiotone-mantras, silicon-chip psalms, and the mystical babblings of angels and derelict gutter-drunks. Free your ass and your mind will follow... this is incredible, and completely out of left field for C/Psi/P." (label info) special offer
in stock | NZ| 2004| m/m-| CELEBRATE PSI PHENOMENON | 8.90

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