""Road to Siam" shows Richard Bishop on a musical trip from the Iberian Peninsula all along through North Africa and the Orient to the Far East. "Mekong", the 11.22 minutes long centerpiece of the record, is an improvisation on 6-string guitar based on the particular sounds of a traditional three stringed instrument known as a phin which originated in Laos and is still widely played in Laos and the Isan region of Thailand. Another unique aspect of this piece is that it consists of only single notes (no chords), which is also a primary feature of the way a phin is most often played, whether accompanied by other instruments or not. "Mekong", which was recorded in Phitsanulok, Thailand in December 2013 is a typical Richard Bishop track, elegantly liquid and hypnotic, seems to breathe exotic musical style and remain distinctive at the same time. The b-side of the 20 minute long vinyl-only 10" features "Alhambra Drag", "Sand Shuffle" & "Coronado's Broom" which are highlights taken from digital-only available albums. "Mekong" is Richard Bishop's first new track in years and one of the most exotic & exciting ones he's done so far." (label info) limited edition of 500 copies
in stock | DE| 2014| UNROCK | 16.90

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