special offer "French pionner experimental rock band (trio) founded in the early 90 s, Sister Iodine made themselves known with 2 albums recorded on the R.I.P french Label Semantic; ADN 115 (1994) & Pause (1997), collision between the savage energy of No Wave, the game of collage tapes and exploration of their instruments inspired by concrete music, their primitive love of Noise, and the scientistic rock approach of innovative bands like This Heat. From 1992 to 97 they did some outstanding wild and bloody concerts in company of bands like Sonic Youth, Faust, Melt Banana, US Mapple, Stereolab, Flaming Demonics, The Ex, Keiji Haino, Circle X, Bästard, Krackhouse, Tone Rec, Pluramon amongst others.. Geographically separated since 1997 Sister Iodine began to play sporadically for some scattered events like some dates w/ Sonic Youth french tour 1999, Phonotaktik Festival, Vienna/1998, PS1 Contemporary Art Center NY/1998, each members focused then more on their own new electronic projets (Discom, duos w/ Tujiko Noriko, Evil Moisture) touring around the world. and still running... Back to pure and harsh electricity since 2004 , Sister Iodine continue their ufo like road, giving incandescant concerts here and there, premisses of the album to come out on Textile records recorded @ Rare Book Room studio with Nicolas Vernhes ((Black Dice, Cat Power, David Grubbs, Animal Collective)." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2007| TEXTILE | 7.00

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