SKLS - SKLS (7")

"S K L S are Joachim Nordwall & Henrik Rylander, the key members of Swedish noise-rock band The Skull Defekts. That's their debut release under the name S K L S, which seems to be a kind of side-project for darker, electronic minimalistic sounds. As opposed to the full guitars & drums line-up of The Skull Defekts follows the traditions of motoric Kraut-style (Can or Neu! - like), S K L S is defenitely oriented mostly on spacey-psychedelic-electronic-meditation of Cluster or Popol Vuh. It's completely based on analogue synths, fxs and feedback." (label info) Edition of 300 copies. New and better price.
in stock | UA| 2010| QUASI POP | 6.90

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