comes in original foam box "slipped disk is a laptop duo formed by founding members of the ATAK label, musician keiichiro shibuya and dj/model maria. with its exciting blend of complex electronica sounds and hard rhythmic grooves, their november 2002 debut album ATAK 001 slipped disk caused a stir in cutting-edge music, art and design scenes. thomas brinkman (a.k.a. soul center) acclaimed: "a powerful hypnotic trip. cyber romantic, full of surprise! cgood sound! i like it."slipped disk has performed with artists such as carsten nicolai, karafoto, numb, dj klock, staubgauld, portable[k]ommunity, mertzbow, and aoki takamasa. live performances highlight slipped disk's unique style. as various sound files are fragmented and then recombined, the duo's minimal sounds acquire a threatening tenseness, resulting in danceable tracks." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2002| m-/m-| ATAK | 15.00

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