"Makoto Kawabata, Mitsuru Tabata and the two fellows at the Slowburn camp has cultivated a little musical piece during the past few years. Because of the geographical distance, the project has evolved by sending tapes to eachother. Kawabata and Tabata lives in Japan, and Slowburn is grounded in Norway. Kawabata and Tabata is well known for their music, both solo and with bands. Kawabata as leader for the Acid Mothers Temple collective, and now also as guitarist for Gong. Tabata for his Marble Sheep, Leningrad Blues Machine and as the Zeni Geva guitarist. Slowburn, based in Norway, has released a nice little stock of singles, a 10" and a LP, as well as contributing to a lot of compilations. The two slowburners use watherever instruments they find and create sometimes beautiful and sometimes odd pop music, and sometimes lurking instrumentals. Slowburn is everchanging and you never know what they'll do next." (label info) Comes on heavy vinyl.
in stock | NO| 2004| APARTEMENT | 6.90

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