"Well as it turns, and yes all will turn my friend, the original members - Bengt Liljstad, Jonas Bergkvist and later Yngwie Moskowich & Anders Rydberg - all left the band and were exchanged during recent years by the current band-members: Andi Pieper, Ramon Bauer & Gerhard Potuznik! So, here we have a new Sluta Leta line up and a brand new record. Their first full length. Quite a succulent mix of rocktronics is on offer here. All is balanced by acoustic rhythms, broken but never detached, warm vocals are sewn throughout, deep keyboard lines provide ecstatic moods. With guest appeareances by such legends in their own lifetimes as: Catriona Shaw, Philipp Quehenberger, Anne Laplantine and ddkern!!"
in stock | AT| 2003| m-/m-| MEGO | 5.00

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