"Through careful combination of sophisticated software use, along with more traditional analog production techniques, Smyglyssna creates a sound that looks to the past for reference whilst simultaneously defining a take on the future. Working with a variety of hip hop sensibilities along with a variety of differing electro and techno sound aesthetics, We Can Fix It works on a variety of levels providing listeners with a body of work documentative of both a generation of music along with his own vast array of musical influences. Cut's such as 'Mights It Be's And If It Were's' look to early ninetees Detroit scraping through remnants of Carl Craig's 69 project and Stacey Pullen's Kosmik Messenger outputs whilst reinventing their take on the format of electronic funk by breathing new forms of synthesis into the construction of these types of groove." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2002| m-/vg+| VERTICAL FORM | 5.00

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