"Snawklor is a project that reorders the sonic environments of D. Krasevac and N. Gray. They create compositions exploring ideas of space and personal location by processing and re-ordering recordings of their sonic environments. Their compositions not only use the sounds around them but also mimic their perceived structures, layering them via a mixture of order and automated indeterminacy. A unique working process is exemplified by the 1st track 'doublivores back' combines field recordings from inner city Merri Creek with R+B influenced rhythms and sharp shots of the prior occupant of cassette sneaking through. The appearance of the subliminal residue of Grandmaster Flash makes for a unique chance procedure and is typical of snawklor's inventive approach. Elsewhere the cd strikes up a diverse collection of deep listening, melodic spray, mechanical fauna and subtle dynamics which come together as a highly rewarding listening experience." (label info) sell-out price
in stock | AU| 2003| SYNAESTHESIA | 4.90

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