"Rake-Star nails the Ra mantra-approach with their huge sound. The band is heavy on the bottom end and the reeds suggest floating in a zone removed from earth's gravitational pull. Even though the listener can't see the dancer, this live recording is reminiscent of a Sun Ra performance filled with theatrical and musical spectacle. Replication is an artistic no-no when playing the compositions of departed masters. The key is to invigorate the music with integrity. Rake-star demonstrate that they can take the music of a shining star like Sun Ra, apply their own artistic acumen, and come up with...aesthetically high caliber music." (label info) David Broscoe, alto, baritone sax, bassoon,clarinet, Petr Cancura, tenor sax, clarinet, Rob Frayne, tenor sax, flute, clarinet, John Geggie, double bass, Jennifer Giles, button accordion, Jamie Gullikson, drums, suitcase, John Higney, guitar, lap steel, Rory Magill, trombone, drums, Pierre-Yves Martel, double bass. Mark Molnar, cello, violin, Martin Newman, double bass, Gaby Warrren, voice, Shara Weaver, dance, Linsey Wellman, alto sax, flute.
in stock | CA| 2004| SPOOL | 9.90

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