warehouse find "Spanning their very brief live career from 1998 - 2001, the two CDs convey all that was exciting, frustrating, ridiculous and ultimately nourishing about an S.Catering performance. CD1 begins at the beginning: w/ the first carrot chop at London's 333 nightclub, 27th September 1998 and ends at the end: Geneva's Moloko restaurant, 9th November 2001. In between lies a lean collage mix of culinary overdrive, assembled from every gig the project did capturing the various moods & atmospheres that were created during their live sets. Extracts of their 5 hour shift at The Moloko are manipulated and included between tracks 1,3,5 and capture/present a dense atmosphere at the restaurant. a cd giving you a great example of their sound, showing nearly all of the project's sides, full of various & bizarre moods & atmospheres, sometimes a bit rhythmic or others harsh or obscure. CD2 is the documentation of their last proper performance at geneva's forde gallery. An hour's recording full of meditative, abstract,spacious soundscapes. This is sonic catering bands definitive live document, minus the food of course." (label info)
in stock | SWE| 2003| ABSURD | 7.90

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