"The 'Glasgow Girls' musical is a stunning theatrical play depicting the true story of a group of immigrants living in Glasgow who with their Glasgow comrades defied the system by starting a bitter war to save their friend from deportation with her family and change laws which had brought them and their fellow refugees so much trouble. Dissecting deep rooted British immigration issues and offering an insight into the life of a refugee living indefinitely in Scotland's industrial city of Glasgow, the stage play musical devised by Pachamama Theatre Group Producer and multi-award winner 'Cora Bissett', is a strong heart quencher which presents beautifully and musically a tale celebrating the triumph of the human soul over all that attempts to bind it. With script writer David Greig weaving the tale together the musical includes songs written by Scottish producer, vocalist and actress Patricia Panther, creation wizard Cora Bissett, John Kielty, musical director Hilary Brooks and MC Soom T, offering an eclectic array of styles to perfectly suit the courageous mood." (label info) limited to 200 copies. special offer
in stock | UK| 2012| FOLK U RECORDS | 4.90

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