"Interviews with Z'ev, Scott Ryser / The Units, C Joynes. More issues: Unframed Recordings, Michel Henritzi, Adam Lygo. Regular review sections include: BLACK METAL, FIELD RECORDINGS, ATOMS OF PURE NOISE, TAPE MASCHINES MAKEN KLANG, IN THE ART GALLERY, ACOUSTIC AND FOLK, WEIRD AND NIGHTMARISH, USA UNDERGROUND, STONER AND DOOM, THE DRONING ONES, THE CRACKLING ESTHER, GUITAR MUSIC, THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY, SONGS, and THE LAMENTING OCTOPUS. Plus new compilation album for download! The second in a series of unique TSP-branded internet-only music releases. Each issue of the magazine has a sticker with your download voucher. Visit the website link as indicated to download English Wildlife, a new compilation of UK underground music." (label info) As usual, highly recommended.
in stock | UK| 2009| SOUND PROJECTOR | 9.50

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