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"In June 2016, the great outdoors music festival Echos asked Ernest Bergez aka Sourdure to produce a series of "mantras" set to be diffused in between each concert of the twenty-four hours event taking place in the french Alpes. These pieces were played on the festival's gigantic speakers/ horns system in the afternoon, evening, night, morning, noon... and reverberated fully in the rocky valley. This triple vinyl edition gathers the field-recording-like captures of the tracks delivered once again through the system later that year by Ernest Bergez with the help of Frederic Bernier, Joachim Brissaud and Julien Dessailly. A cosmic soundscape journey, to be played at maximum volume!" (label info) co-released with Standard Hi-Fi, Mental Groove and Desastre
in stock | DE| 2019| ANA OTT | 35.97

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