"The second in Losonofono's Skweee releases comes from Helsinki's own Spartan Lover, owner of the two-release-deep label Mesak. Although he was featured on the seminal Museum of Future Sound and Skweee Tooth comps on Flogsta Danshall and Ramp recordings and has prepared remixes for Dodpop and Harmonia, this release symbolizes his first release all to himself. While definitely of the hard to categorize stripe, other than to call it "Funky" in much the same way as a lot of the genre, each seems to possess a hint of the sounds in the parallel universe where Mr. Oizo kept with the hip hop breaks after "Analog Worms..." rather than switching to his more electro persona." (label info)
in stock | SWE| 2010| LOSONOFONO | 6.50

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