"Wrapped in another vibrantly printed photo-collage booklet is this short and fragmented set of collaged pop songs. Over a base of looped percussion this appropriately named Sydney-based duo add real, sampled and digital sounds, often shifting from lo-fi to hi- fi (and back again) in mid-song. Audio bits fly in and out almost at random, and tracks shift gear as soon as a groove is introduced or spoken word sample deployed. Over the first half of the disc the cumulative effect is deranged and hallucinatory- more along the lines of what a glitchy Boredoms might do than any mash-up styled deconstruction of pop tunes. Midway through the disc the tunes begin to display a quieter gentler side to the Spazzmodics, interspersing welcome snippets of silence around the sonic bits- which are in this instance melodic and almost pretty. A twisted sense of humor is displayed throughout- though they never get too wacky for their own good. There is a great photo of the duo (on the Dual Plover site) performing live-, which makes me wonder what sort of show these two put on." (Angbase)
in stock | AU| 2003| m-/m-| DUAL PLOVER | 5.00

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