"Nick Mott with Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan from Jazzfinger. An atmospheric recording captured in a cave in Cornwall with later manipulation and overdubs by Nick Mott. Also featuring weird demonic voices courtesy of 5 year old Gabriel Mott. Disintegrating tape loops, home made pipes, distorted violins and guitars, cheap keyboards, percussion, water and rocks. Influenced by Nick and Ben's shared appreciation of Avant Garde Black Metal and Occult Noise this album is however loose, free and almost fragile in its incorporation of found and sampled sounds. Discordant and disjointed in places, yet occasionally an almosy tribal melody is allowed to evolve before being plunged into a brass sample or sonic blender... mysterious and intense." (label info) Limited to 250 copies.
in stock | UK| 2011| ALT.VINYL | 15.90

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