"Squim, a.k.a. Chris Phillips, is an obsessive recordist living in Portland, Oregon. In the 90's he was very active in the underground mail art and tape trading scene - running the "Circle X" label out of Salt Lake City and releasing several well received cassettes on the Bobby J. label. This album will be his debut on the vinyl format and was chosen as being the standout from among a half dozen other unreleased albums of recent recordings. On Zephyrus, Squim blends repeating melodic motifs with his meticulously collaged noise/dronescapes. This is a limited edition release of 350 copies - each cover is a unique color monoprint hand printed by Squim and spraymounted, back covers are a photocopy paste-on." (label info) back in stock
in stock | US| 2007| OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE | 18.90

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