"Early in 2001, Dr Stahlgren & Dr Ferguson were asked by OMAG MAGNETIZING SYSTEMS to apply their expertise in 'diagnostic sound recording' to various problems encountered in the Magnetic Ink Numbering System used to mechanically sort virtually ALL of the paper cheques passing through the World Banking Systems today. Having spent over a month recording every aspect of the Printing, Magnetizing, Reading and Sorting process various recommendations where made and the Doctors found themselves with many hours of quite eerie tape recordings capturing, microscopically, the analog details of a process that, even in this digital age, the world economy still relies on. Not wishing the stunning results to go to waste or unheard by the general public, they have (with some artistic license, editing and processing) created this amazing audio journey." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2001| HOT AIR | 3.90

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