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"Every 3 years there comes a time when a whole micro-civilization has to wake up and smell the visions... Spencer Clark's new 2 hour plus 2CD Star Searchers "Avatar Blue" arrives at a time when Planet Earth needs interest, engagement, and shredding... What began as a wish to make the alternative soundtrack to the sequel to "Avatar" the movie, has turned into a full spectrum FX-mimic-emulation of the swimming motions of Earth's aquatic life. Tracks like "Reef Showers" and "Chenjiang Fauna" aesthetically arrive at a look into The Ocean's secret properties, through inspection of the Cambrian Explosion and the FX-filled world of Motions pictures." (label info) double jewel case with 32 page booklet, limited to 300 copies
in stock | EU| 2019| m-/m-| PACIFIC CITY SOUND VISION | 25.00

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