last copy, sealed, cover little damaged from transport "Well, a couple sides of Self-Hypnosis were recorded in a concrete racquetball court (and a couple of sides weren't) which has been mysteriously transformed into the legendary Black Ark Studios and Lee Perry is going NUTS with the ol' echo effects. A tiny clatter in the background suddenly rushes up to your ear-bones, magnified into giant sheets of rubberized steel plates which bounces as high as you are. The backwards flow-motion is set on fire as the storm approaches. Various liquids are aerated while dub insects skitter about the killing floor. The other two sides are not rock and roll or hoochie-coo. The mystery is killin' me! Is that a giant wet thumb rubbing on a window? Aren't you the big man, buster! I like how the guitar gets sucked into a vortex and then keeps popping out and scaring me. It's all bone saws and throwing stars. Ducks and covers." (label info) White vinyl, comes in gatefold sleeve.
in stock | US| 2009| m/vg+| WEIRD FOREST | 21.90

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