"The sixth record of the Avant-Core-noise trio Steamboat Switzerland was created in collaboration with the composer Felix Profos. He originated the four-part, fully noted accurately score »Get Out Of My Room« on which the musicians response in their her own way. No "Improvisation on a Issue", but a press of sound walls - massive and unparalleled microscopic delicate. »Get Out Of My Room« on behalf of the SWR was created for the Donaueschingen Music Festival and was premiered there in 2006. The physical experience already is enormous when the Hammond-Trio Steamboat Switzerland interpretates the work by composer Felix Profos. The sounds of Dominik Blum's Hammond organ and Marino Pliakas' electric bass have a physical presence, often seem like a daunting mass of magma. They like to move in the extremes: in depth, height and volume. The sounds are structured by precise percussion by Lucas Niggli. »Get Out of My Room« means a 2006 work, written by Profos for Hammond, bass and drums, the improvisation and structured composition together strictly executed effectively. The pulsating rhythms are so complex, however, set against the pulse that tension is created unparalleled. The transverse and yet severe pulsation and rotation of simple elements creates a hypnotic effect. The sound of this music, the fantastic play of the three musicians blows you up: a sound quarry carved out from Profos' sculptural music." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| GROB | 14.80

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