"It has been just over four years since Stefano Guzzetti released his solo piano debut 'At Home. Piano Book Volume One' on Home Normal. The release led to an unbridled love affair between Stefano and Japan, leading to a few tours since and a great affinity for his wondrous and sensitive compositions. On a personal level, it really is amazing how the smallest of things day to day can change your life. I recall way back in 2013 I believe, rather tired after a day of work, when instead of ignoring yet another demo request, I read the words being the music and the person, and chose to absorb something very different for me. I'll always remember the sun on my face as I listened and feeling rejuvenated at that very moment. It is the same feeling I have now, some five years later as I listen to the follow-up to this album. Stefano has since blossomed into one of the most respected composers around, and his quartet has become very sought-after as they perform around the world. But Stefano himself hasn't release a solo piano album since his release on Home Normal in 2014, and that he finally sat down for some beautifully close-mic'ed late night piano pieces to follow on from his first 'Piano Book' is a real privilege; reminding everyone of just what a magical talent he is and how powerful the music of one person behind such a simple instrument as the piano can truly be." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2018| HOME NORMAL | 13.90

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