"'Basis' is based on recordings of acoustic instruments. All sounds were processed and layered into compositions by Steinbrüchel. Through this processing Steinbrüchel revealed hidden structures and melodies and isolated them, creating new melodic and organic textures without losing the soul of the original. These seven tracks reveal a new side in his music. Tonal harmonics have never before played such an important role and each track contains layers of subtle shifting and interweaving melodies, each generating a world full of atmospheres and textures. The four tracks 'Interlude 1 - 4' are based on guitar recordings from 'Happiness will befall' by Lawrence English, released on Cronica in 2005. 'These 1 + 2' are also based on guitar recordings, this time taken from Ben Frost's 'Theory of machines', released on Bedroom Community in 2006. The track 'Falter' draws on piano recordings by Bernd Schurer and was originally presented as a 5.1 surround installation at Leerraum in Berne, Switzerland, in November 2005." (label info)
in stock | AUS| 2007| ROOM40 | 13.90

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