"Original recordings from a Kapotte Muziek concert from august 1996, Im Eimer, Berlin, Germany. Reworked by Stephan Mathieu at Pixelland, Schafbrücke and Pullover, Falkensee between february and october 2002. "I spent eight months processing raw material, resulting in the usual several gigabytes. When it was about time for me to finish the piece I returned to my files to edit them down in ProTools (Mac OS9). I re-listened to everything, made some adjustments, and then rebooted in OSX to work in Soundhack. After a little while my machine crashed, hard -- so hard that all I could do to restart it was to take out the batteries. When I finally rebooted in OSX it did nothing else but play this music for 30 minutes, a medley of my Kapotte Muziek material, finished by the computer itself. Kapotte Muziek, ironically enough, translates as "damaged music." The live concert I remixed took place 1996 in a Berlin club called "Im Eimer" - that's "in the bucket," a funny way of saying "out of order/damaged". (label info)
in stock | NL| 2003| m-/m-| KORM PLASTICS | 8.00

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