"Lykkelig Dyr is focused, equipped with an electronically amplified awareness. The brooding boltzmann heat it envelopes reflects the never ending stream, its capillary thumping within myriads of family home labs flocked together like crystals - their whispers, their stories and dreams. What makes Lykkelig Dyr's 10 songs so exciting is their masterfully crisp and distinct sound structure. They dissect our collectives' mnemonic imageries as what they are: shiny cybernetic insects wrapped in paper-thin lucent gauze and enthrilled by suspicion. This stands in contrast to the songs' hovering planes of atmospheric mirages that form an enticing display of delicate sonic morph dynamics offering their hand to a prolonged reflection on the emphatic view from within. Stephane Leonard's first major publication since Hörtheater in 2004 proves to be one of those records that don't make you think but understand." (Lars Marstaller)
in stock | NL| 2008| HEILSKABAAL RECORDS | 13.90

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