""Adria (00:12:39) was written and recorded in March, 2001 as a soundtrack for an exhibition in February 2002 at Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin. The melody was taken from the Irving Berlin song, This is the Army, Mr. Jones (1942). The words of this song were rewritten using the following method: A line of text is devided into a sequence of vowels ("This is the Army, Mr. Jones" becomes "is-iz-ee-ar-ee-ist-ur-ónz"). For each syllable, a list is compiled of rhyming words (for "This", there is: hiss, kiss, miss,..etc). Then a text is written by choosing from the words that (loosely) rhyme with each syllable in the original text. This new rhymes with the original Berlin text, but tells a different story. The story, in this case, is chosen by performing this same operation upon the author's name (Stephanie Taylor), which sonically resembly, "Stay funny, sailor!" Thus the story is about a sailor." (Stephanie Taylor) Co-released with Dan Hug Editions, comes with 36 pp. booklet.
in stock | DK| 2003| PORK SALAD PRESS | 15.00

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