"Richmond based artist and musician Stephen Vitiello transforms environments with the physicality of sound. His installations have been presented in New York's Whitney Museum, Paris' Cartier Foundation and dozens of other sites around the globe. His music has been released by labels like 12k, New Albion, and Sub Rosa, including collaborations with Machinefabriek, Lawrence English, Pauline Oliveros and Anduin. This DVD, however, is his first commercially available collection of collaborations with visual artists. Soundtracks includes videos and short films by Seoungho Cho, Matt Flowers, Éder Santos, Kevin Gallagher, Andrew Deutsch, and Nic DeSantis, all scored by Vitiello along with some assistance from musicians Molly Berg and Josh Quarles. Visually stunning and sonically captivating, this is a release you can truly immerse yourself in. Select the play all option and a bonus video / soundtrack will be revealed. Packaged in a silkscreened, chipboard case." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| SMTG LIMITED | 10.90

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