Clear violet vinyl, photo by Padmanabha. Live improvisations rec. in Buffalo, Rochester & Syracuse on April 8/9/10, 2005. SB - baritone & tenor sax, slide bass clarinet, bells, conch shell, voicemaster, noseflute, home-made 8-hole clarinet; RP - drums, percussions, gopichand, tabla. "Baczkowski and Padmanabha have been tearing up the improv music scene for a few years now, both together and apart. Baczkowski made a notable appearance on The Dim Bulb with Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano. As a trio they played so heavy they shook the steel girders. But he is no slouch away from that occasional line-up. Laying down the real slop in groups such as the Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit, Hyoloza, along with gigs supporting William Parker and Eddie Gale amongst others, Baczkowski is a force, pure and simple. Padmanabha has been seen and heard in various line-ups with Baczkowski over the years, and in different groupings around NYC, but it is this duo where these two start to boil water. Here we have improvisation, seething with purity." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2006| QBICO | 17.90

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