"Originally apprearing in an ultra limited home-pressed edition 'North/South' is the follow up to last years wonderful 'Drift' on Digitalis. Best known as a trumpeter, the Brisbane resident Busby ventures here into a subtle processed exploration of that instrument, but also brings a glockenspiel, ukulele and voice into the mix. The album is split into two discreet movements seperated onto two 3" disks. 'North' is made up of predominantly gestural percussive pieces. Slow chimes and pulses drifting across space. 'South' is a more harmonic enterprise, with layered tones and trumpet passages creating a beautiful eerie melancholia that shifts between an icy chill and a deep warm glow. Double 3"CDR packaged in an art card gatefold designed by the artist." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2007| PSEUDO ARCANA | 5.90

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