special price "The Stumps are an improvising psych/noise/rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. They have been described as a NZ underground 'super-group' by one writer; a 'power-trio' by others. Although no one is completely sure what these terms actually mean, what is certain is that The Stumps bring a wealth of talent and experience, and a certain heavyweight clout, with them to the table. The core lineup of The Stumps features Antony Milton (A.M., Mytyu!, Nether Dawn, PseudoArcana label, etc), Stephen Clover (Seht), and James Kirk (Sandoz Lab Technicians, Gate, Black Boned Angel, etc). The band also regularly collaborates with other improvising musicians; on Split Fleet Dodge the trio team up on one side of the LP with Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel, Black Bones Angel) on keyboards and electronics. The LP is an edition of 300 copies." (label info) Back in stock
in stock | NZ| 2006| PALINDRONE | 9.90

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