"Brothers Laurent and Nicolas Baudoux, known as the lunatic-genius Scratch Pet Land, are now going their separate ways. Nicolas released his debut as DJ Elephant Power, and now it is Laurent's turn. Welcome to the stage - SUN OK PAPI KO! Orchestre Philharmonok presents music that has never been heard before. Laurent Baudoux lifts the cocktail of broad bass, game boys, hook lines played on trashy keyboards and wooden cracking beats, up to the next level. Bizarre string instruments, probably stemming from the far East, twist and turn to lofty heights, yet most of it sounds like a new kind of synthetic plastic with an unrestricting innovative seal of approval. And then enters the surprise guest: The unique MC ILLREME! Illreme is a real star in Japan. He could be described as the inventor of comedy rap, and he raps in a wonderfully offensive and energetic way (and in Japanese), but without any Gangsta attitude." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| SONIG | 9.90

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