AND HIS SOLAR ARKESTRA "Classic Chicago Saturn release, issued in 1965, recorded at the Choreographers' Workshop, all but the last two tracks in the basement. Recorded in New York 1961/1962." (label info) "This music, performed by a jazz band in the early 1960's, predates Syd Barrett, and occurred long before Tangerine Dream's Electronic Meditations. But you will swear you are listening to a lost Kraut/psych classic inspired by both of these. 'Solar Drums' is everyone in the band grabbing a percussion instrument except for the man behind the recording desk, who plunges everyone into a swirl of echo until they tip and tremble off each other luminescently, plinking brightly in the of the most amazing documents of Sun Ra's foresight. In these two recordings he anticipated - created? - psychedelic music." (Happy Dog Potatohead)
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