2018 REPRESS/REMASTERED "By the late 1970s the Saturn record label had become a musical newspaper, keeping the world abreast of the latest developments in the Sun Ra story, for those people lucky or persistent enough to find the few outlets where the albums were appearing. Sun Ra was releasing more records on his own label than ever before -- at least six Saturn LPs document his activities in 1979 alone. This however, is the first reissue of any 1979 Saturn album, and will be widely welcomed -- Sleeping Beauty instantly became one of Sun Ra's best loved records, and remains so to this day. At this period, compared to previous years, Saturn records tended to document more of Sun Ra's current work rather than older tapes. This was certainly true of one particular grup of four albums released simultaneously into Saturn Records' distribution channels within a year of being recorded: 'God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be', 'Omniverse' and 'On Jupiter', and 'Sleeping Beauty'. These all represented facets of Ra's work during 1979, and between them include everything from piano trio compositions to conducted improvisations to disco music. Sleeping Beauty features the funkier end of the Sun Ra spectrum. It is a studio recording featuring at least twenty-eight musicians, an enlarged version of the Arkestra which had just crossed the Atlantic to play the 1979 Moers festival. The line up includes both acoustic and electric bass players, and electric guitarists, and the reed and brass sections are both augmented beyond the core members of the Arkestra." (Chris Trent)
in stock | NL| 2018| ART YARD | 17.45

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