"A Non-Western concept split album. The Coleman classic "Lonely Woman" , deeply Middle- and South-Eastern adaptded and re-arranged by two different artists. Arranged by Joel Robinson, Arizona's Sunn Trio are transmitting the track into a different genre with dilruba (a north-Indian instrument similar to the Sarangi), Tabla, Tanpura, Guitar, Cello, Knife, Bells, Drums & Percussion to the hazy banks of Ganges. The soundtrack for a Punjabi opium-coma. Egyptian composer Sam Shalabi (Dwarfs Of East Agouza, Land Of Kush, Karkhana, Shalabi Effect) re-arranged the track for solo oud - delightful, complex, warm and elegant with the background of an experienced improviser. The version on the album is a different, peppier version of the same song, which was available digitally only through Constellation Records Corona Borealis project. Limited edition one time pressing of 300 copies" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2021| UNROCK | 20.90

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