"Sunroof! have done it again. Music steeped in clattering noise and rumbling drones prevail once more. The work of English sonic pioneer Matthew Bower remains unequalled. Meditative drones bathed in sunshine are swiftly exchanged with bursting volleys of noise. Sunroof! specialises in transparent, breathtaking concoctions of sound with some unexpected insights. Keyboards, guitars and electronics are submerged in Bower's transcendental whirlpool and the listener will want to dive in from the outset. Matthew Bower has a vision. He does not see sound as confrontation or provocation, but rather as a passage to another dimension. Under the name Sunroof! Bower paints layer upon layer of sound, subtle in their sublime and jubilant in their pure ecstasy, the resulting picture a peerless panorama - a tableau where light touches of water colour are mixed with dark smudges, black as coal. Spitting Gold Zebras is Sunroof!'s latest update on its state of affairs. Bower gets heroic support from guitarists Marc Orleans and Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra) and violinist C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core). Like the true shaman that he is, Bower reroutes and transforms all incoming sounds. Sunroof!'s renewed interest in unbridled, screeching noise is immediately evident. These clamorous visions of sound previously featured unrestrained in Bower's work on records with bands such as Hototogisu and the resurrected Skullflower. The uncompromising end of Spitting Gold Zebras is an 'ourobouros' of annihilating noise; a hungry snake, continually gnawing at its tail which eventually swallows all of the surrounding sounds. Again, Sunroof! challenges the faithful, who are left staring in the sun, ascending higher and higher towards Bower's golden sound at the end of the rainbow. 'Spitting Cold Zebras' is packed in beautiful new 'envelope' packaging designed and handprinted by Jason Dodge & Christine Roland." (label info) Limited edition of 250 copies.
in stock | DE| 2007| BOTTROP-BOY | 14.52

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