"With the use of guitars, loop-pedals and analogue effects, Svartbag creates a minimalist instrumental music, where generated coincidences are intuitively integrated in a repetitive universe of drones. The references are clear: krautrock (Neu/Can/Popol Vuh), spacerock (Spacemen 3), noise rock (VU/Sonic Youth), and electronic pioneers like Terry Riley, Brian Eno and Suicide. The long tracks and evocative patterns of sound unveil dark and ominous states of mind, which are consistently relieved by confident tones and minimalist melodies. The two guitars alternate between performing duets and complementing each other, while bass drones, real sounds, and intermittent, jazzy drums and echoes create hypnotic rhythms." (label info)
in stock | DK| 2008| m-/m-| RUMP | 10.00

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