"Hidden behind the cryptic abbreviation NMUI is North European Melody and Improvisation Orchestra [in German, Nordeuropäische Melodie- und Improvisationsorchester]. A group, which in addition to Johansson (on drums and accordion), was made up of Rüdiger Carl (tenor saxophone, accordeon), Wolfgang Fuchs (diverse wooden reed instruments), the trombonists Radu Malfatti and Thomas Wiedermann, Hans Reichel on guitar, Norbert Eisbrenner on violin and Maarten Altena van Regteren on bass and cello. It goes without saying: an all-star ensemble. Live recording in the legendary concert hall SO 36 in the middle of the Kreuzberg quarter of Berlin. Back then in 1979 Martin Kippenberger programmed the concerts and staged everything that was radical and good: punk, industrial, wave, avant-pop and free jazz again and again. The audience - mostly punks - accepted the aesthetic challenge and reacted aggressively. One recognizes this on this recording, which originates out of the audience. There is heckling, loud screaming, displays of displeasure.... The musicians don't let themselves be intimidated. In contrast, the music sounds even more emphatic." Cover painting by Martin Kippenberger.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2004| GROB | 14.80

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