"The response to Sven Kacireks Kenya album has been overwhelming. We therefore release a Remix 10inch with edits and reworks, plus one exclusive track by Sven himself. Lawrence leaves but the essence of the opriginal, calps hgis hands and lets it be - beautiful!! Sven himself mixes "Paperflowers" anew, together with Sebastian Winkler, who also is thep roducer for Samy Deluxe. Taprikk Sweezee, our prince of soul complexity, deconstructs two tracks at once, taking it to the blissful glitch. Secret highlight: Sven Kacirek's exklusive track "Takaye Village", a Kenya-Track with guest vocalist Jana Plewa. Don't miss this one!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| PINGIPUNG | 8.90

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