"This album pays a tribute to sound in its truest form. Going back to the essence of the word "industrial", Simon Hayes travelled to deserted power plants, trawled through rusty harbours and climbed rooftops armed with a wide array of microphones. Steel plates, debris from a demolition ground, springs of a trap door - he stuck his contact microphones on all things rusty, corrugated and decrepit. He also utilised binaural and condenser mics to capture the space of deteriorating structures, transporting the listener to cavernous factory floors and barren demolition sites. Some tracks are almost free of post-processing, presenting these sounds in their raw form. For others, the source material was fed through distortion pedals, feedback machines, modulators, reverb and granular effects. The result is an overall more organic sound which goes beyond purely electronic tones and provides a stark beauty to the cold hardness of the original recordings. "Rust" is however much more than a collection of field recordings. Drawing from his experience with techno, IDM and post-bass music, Swarm Intelligence delivers an album which combines the bleakness of its source material with a resolutely forward-thinking approach to distortion. From its atmospheric moments to its percussive highlights, "Rust" is an enthralling homage to decay which pushes forward the boundaries of the noise and bass genre." (label info) clear vinyl in gatefold sleeve, comes with CD
in stock | DE| 2015| AD NOISEAM | 21.90

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