"Swung is Aucklands Zoe Drayton. Besides her invaluable role as the chief archivist, promoter and all round lynchpin of the New Zealand 'new music' scene, Drayton is an active musician and composer in her own right. 'Voice and Key' is -as the name suggests- a collection of keyboard and voice works from the period 1996-2006. Each track is an entity unto itself. The 1st features a simple melancholy piano figure that is looped and cut up until it utterly fragments into a stacatto drone, the 2nd sounds almost a found recording of private utterances, sommeone sitting at a piano in a cool summer room. Track 3 is a beautiful short and wordless "pop song", track 4 an abstract organ trajectory and track 5 a radically deconstructed lullaby. 'Voice and Key' is a extraordinarily intimate and beautiful work. It feels a privilege to be invited in to listen." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2006| PSEUDO ARCANA | 3.90

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