"I've been remixing songs by other artists since 2001 and it's something I always like to do. This year, in collaboration with the Flau label, I've decided to compile my favourite remixes and to release them on one CD. Most of the time, I like to transform very much the original songs. I try to bring them into my own musical atmosphere. For example, on Agoria's techno song "Heart Beating", I kept nearly nothing of the original music but I replaced it by orchestral parts that I had recorded with a 40-strings orchestra for the film by HR Boe "Beast". Anyway, I always want to keep faithful to the original melodies. On this selection of remixes, I kept the original vocal parts. Some remixes are made out of songs that I've done myself or with my band Arca with long-time collaborator Joan Cambon. Those remixes are another side of my musical work that had never been compiled before." (S.Chauveau)
in stock | JP| 2012| FLAU | 13.90

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