"People who have accumulated a large sleep debt are dangerous. Their pulse rate doubles during nightmares and can lead to uncontrollable insomnia. Taiga's electronic hymns are deeply personal and spiritual, complex riddles that are buried under post-traumatic tape hiss and disturbing reverb. An aura that's beamed from another dimension, echoing down your spine. A micro cinematic voyage that feels like Peter Fonda's dazzling appearance in the '67 LSD epic The Trip. An old sea with tales yet to tell... Gradually the brain shows signs of fatigue and the haunting question is, why don't you wake up? New age minimalism and post-ambient clouds highly influenced by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Cluster and Terry Riley. Taiga is the solo space monniker of Bryant Clifford Meyer from Red Sparowes, Windmills By The Ocean, Isis and The Gersch. LP limited to 750 copies." (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2008| CONSPIRACY | 16.90

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