"After "Spontaneous Music" in 2018, Edition Telemark presents "Space Music" by Japanese Fluxus artist Takako Saito (b. 1929) who has been living in Düsseldorf, Germany, since 1979. Similarly to the previous LP, the recordings featured here deal with everyday things and actions which Saito transforms through unique and deliberately crafted artistic interventions. For "Space Music", pieces were selected whose acoustic outcomes involve the characteristics of the spaces in which they were recorded. Side A features two performances from 2020 in the church Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne: In "Klangkleid", Saito and co-performers Bei Li Zhou and Thomas Rhiemeier move and dance in Saito's sound dresses - jumpsuits onto which she sewed empty plastic and metal packagings to produce sounds while moving. For "Kugelmusik" ("ball music"), she chose balls made from various materials and asked audience members to roll them across the floor towards each other. Side B contains a selection of 1980s recordings that had been left out on "Spontaneous Music" and are arranged here as a sound walk: After "Chewing" ("Kauen") at her kitchen table, Saito steps outside onto the construction site "Böhlerweg" near her home to record her voice in a former factory building. Finally, she walks on the street ("Auf der Straße") towards the Oberkassel district of Düsseldorf to buy her daily needs. Edition of 300 including one insert with liner notes and three postcards. The sleeve and the postcards feature a series of drawings by Takako Saito from 1985." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2023| EDITION TELEMARK | 20.90

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