"The first volume of the three:four records split series gathers two mesmeric drone guitar lovers, the newly arrived French project :take: coming from Paris and the Chicago based combo White/Lichens. Two different approaches of drone music: soft and melodic for :take:, loud and unbridled for the Chicagoans. The A-side is composed of two :take:'s tracks. Paysage avec Fer evokes desert landscapes shaped by interlaced sine tone and minimalist guitar manipulation. It's a 5 min abstract guitar drone and epic effort. Joie de Résistance offers another side of :take:'s work. A bluesy guitar, melodic guitar patterns. The track ends with a repetitive beat leading to a hypnotic trance. The B-side is a massive 10 min piece by White/Lichens. Tonight's the Night is a growing deflagration, powerful and loud. The intensity is magnified by a psyche reverbed guitar. Listening to it is as fascinating as waiting for a hurricane to come." (label info) Numbered edition of 500 copies.
in stock | CH| 2009| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 12.90

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