"alga marghen proudly presents one of the highlights of his catalogue, an exclusive LP with the recordings of Takis electro-magnetic sculptures. Takis is the originator of this new approach to the musicality of sound which consists in laying bare the repetitious structure of musical form and its functional derivation, thus rejecting the symbolism of representation. In the period between 1964 and 1965 Takis conceives his "Pendules magnetiques" and constructs his first Sound Sculptures. The "Pendules magnetiques" are based on the simple concept of using magnetic waves caused by electricity as a means to activate repeated musical sounds: the latter are to be heard every time a needle strikes a string, when attracted by a magnet. The sounds reproduced in this edition were recorded in 1993 by Samon Takahashi at Takis' retrospective at Jeu de Paume in Paris. Takis participates in 1984 at the exhibition titled "The Century of Kafka" at Centre Pompidou in Paris and sound work with the same title is also reproduced on this LP edition. limited to 380 copies with full-color sleeve, printed inner-sleeve reproducing a testimony by Marcel Duchamp and insert with photos of the "Pendules magetiques" and a testimony by William Burroughs." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2009| ALGA MARGHEN | 22.90

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